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let fans talk with you 24/7
Customize your AI avatar’s voice, personality, and advice to create real conversations your fans will remember forever.
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Track your income, fans, and AI conversations, all in one place.
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Make an AI copy of yourself in 2 clicks.
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Customize your personality
Unlike traditional AI products, Banter lets you perfect your personality — flirty, fun, edgy, etc.
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You’ll make money whenever your fans interact with your avatar.
loved by fans
designed to make you look great
We designed a premium AI voice experience that influencers trust and fans love.
Low latency
<2.5s high-quality response time.
Sounds and talks just like you.
Private & secure
We don't sell your data.
Monitor your avatar
See how your avatar is doing in real-time.
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personalize in minutes
Easily fine-tune your avatar to talk just like you.
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Right now, you can try out our three sample bots for free. If you clone a new bot and talk to it, you'll be charged $0.2/min.

BanterAI uses the latest AI technologies to create a high-quality voice clone of you. It takes less than 2 minutes to clone and scale yourself.

The bot will be as accurate as the information you will feed it. If you provide a great voice example and give it a lot of information then it should be very accurate.

Simply press the call button and you will be connected to the avatar.